Linnea Blomgren

I am a weaver and I make my own material. With the material I create spatiality and foreclosure, a place for thought. I try to listen to that wich wants to be done: the dictation of the material.
Professional weaver ten years, MFA in Textile Design.

Sonja Ekman
To me the field of jewellery is a play with materials, ideas and techniques, connected with history. When the world of today meets a jeweller´s mind unpredictable things might appear. I´m staying alert for that wonderful clash of surprise.
Irina My
I work with glass art, light design and public art commissions. With passion for imagination, playfulness and details I explore the unique quality of the material in my work.
Pernilla Norrman
My work has evolved around the red clay that I collect from a small abandoned brickyard in the south of Sweden. The clay reflects the brickyard heritage in the region, but my work also expresses the experience from the process and the site wich the nature now has recaptured.
Jonas Rooth
I want to show the complexity and random in nature and its ability to capture both the beautiful and the unpleasant. My artistic language has been developed in interaction with glass as an artistic media and how colored glass can express both strength and fragility.
Eva Zethraeus
My sculptures are the result of a continuing research of form and the complicated nature of the ceramic process.In recent work focus has been on what seems to be a chaotic universe, everything is formed by a secret code. What is harmony and why are some forms more appealing than others?
previous members of our group
Sara Nyberg Wallner
Stitch by stitch by stitch. Fold after fold after fold. And a bath of colour now and then. Thats me and how I work. Educated at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Has also carried out several public assignments.
Maria Hartikainen
My work is about colours, shapes, lines, composition and the interaction between these elements to create an interesting aesthetic composition. I often use the container as a building block or shape of origin for what I wish to create. With the container as starting point I build forms or modules which I assemble into a composition.