swedish material makers –
is a group of artists that since 2010 have worked with international exhibitions and exchange programs at a professional level within the contemporary Arts and Craft field.
Our experience is that craft is reinforced through personal encounters where a direct dialogue can develop around the terms and conditions of the craft profession. We are today six artists based in our various materials: ceramics, glass, textile and metal/jewellery. As a group, we also represent different generations and educational backgrounds.
Throughout, craft is about the materials and their usability, their transformation and refinement. Our practice is based on craftsmanship and an artistic approach to narrative and investigative processes. For us craft represents a unique and complex skill and an independent force in society today. 
Participating artists
Linnea Blomgren/ textile
Sonja Ekman/ jewellery
Irina My/ glass
Pernilla Norrman/ ceramics
Jonas Rooth /glass
Eva Zethraeus/ ceramics 

All participating artists are members of the Swedish National Crafts Organisation Konsthantverkscentrum, KHVC.
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